Thursday, April 7, 2011

Intimate Moments with Mangoes

Intimate Moment #1 – My first mango experience came after nearly 1 month of traveling. Mangoes were out of season in Bali so it wasn’t until Jakarta that I finally got my first taste of the delicious perfect fruit! And how was it you ask… MAGICAL!

Intimate Moment #2 – Dinner in Singapore. Well Mangoes are certainly in season in the rest of South East Asia. At dinner I ordered a mango lassi and it was OUTSTANDING!

Intimate Moment #3 – Lunch in Kuala Lumpur.  Fresh mango juice… YUM!

Intimate Moment #4 – On the Kuala Lumpur International Express train platform. Ally bought me a mango and I ate it while waiting for the train and it was AWESOME!

Intimate Moment #5 and beyond – I think it’s safe to say that the mango moments are just going to keep getting better from here on out! I just have to remember not to let Ally carry them in her bag after she committed Mangocide! They are everywhere here in Laos, including 2 perfectly ripe ones sitting beside my hostel bed, well away from Ally’s murderous bag!

I really REALLY like mangoes!